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Supporting working children as social, political, and economic agents

This spring I wrote a short piece for Open Democracy about the movement of working children and how they seek to support them as social, political, and economic actors.

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Bolivia and the successes of NATs

The movements of working children in Bolivia have recently made international news for their productive meeting with President Evo Morales, after which he made an official statement that “child labor should not be banned.”   Responding to a legislative proposal to ban all children under the age of fourteen from any kind of work, Morales… Continue Reading Bolivia and the successes of NATs

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MOLACNATs Statement

Starting tomorrow, the International Labor Organization will be hosting a Global Conference on Child Labor in Brasilia.  In response to this conference, the Latin American and Caribbean movement of working children has made the statement that I post below.  As a scholar of social movements, the thing I find most striking about this statement is… Continue Reading MOLACNATs Statement

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