I am currently offering two different workshops on intergenerational activism for social movement organizations and groups looking to deepen and develop their collaboration across age differences.

Supporting Youth Activism: A Workshop for Adults on Confronting Adultism and Becoming Better Allies: Drawing from insights and approaches developed in the Peruvian movement of working children (a movement with a forty-year history of striving to create more egalitarian relationships between children and adults), this workshop provides tools for analyzing and challenging adultism in the context of social movements and activism.  Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their own internalized assumptions about childhood, adulthood, and age-based power and authority, to consider some of the challenges of creating more horizontal intergenerational relationships, and to strategize together about how to show up in and help foster activist spaces that increase young people’s power.

What Does It Mean to Be Youth-Led?: An Intergenerational Conversation on Age-Based Power and Inequality in Activist Spaces: This workshop is intended to bring together youth activists and their adult allies to identify and productively discuss the age-based power dynamics and inequalities within their organizations and groups.  We’ll discuss the different types of power held by young people and adults within social movement spaces, the common challenges in intergenerational organizing, and some strategies for addressing those challenges.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your group, please email me at jtaft@ucsc.edu.